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I changed my Murrsona >8[.

This is my fursona now.
Lemur x wolf hybrid courtesy of a heinous fiend named Artlan.

Bunches of stuff not excluding obligatory sabertooth, obnoxious cutesieness and even a Xena reference..I even drew Beaaaars )

Been drawing scads more than that, but most of that I can't share yet >:. Thank you for all your comments, think it has helped my momentum keep rolling and a special thanks to Redra for insisting I keep posting!
balaa: (Default) I took a break and doodled some random fun stuff and gifty type art.

[ profile] trufflehog demanded I color a ref of ' considering I had ten million things I should have been working on instead, of course I did so post haste. And she retaliated with a hideously cute picture that liquified all my upper teeth. 8<

Some obnoxiously cutesy stuff. )
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Doodled last night before bed in oc and some color thrown on quickly in ps. The design is actually inspired by a zonkey (a zebra donkey hybrid). I think I'll give him another go sometime and mess around with the markings more since I am not completely won over by these. The body build was aimed more at looking like a snow leopard or lynx. I love big fluffy floppy paws and thick coats x)...and add a prehistoric twist and I am a happy camper.

some other stuff I dug up...dinosaur!!! )
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I am so grateful that today is cooler! I can actually tolerate sitting at my desktop. It's also been a mad crazy busy week full of all kinds of insanity and work, so I'm VERY ready for a weekend (unfortunately mine doesn't start til Sunday!)

Anyway I got a lovely nautilus shell recently when Bagheera came to visit. I had wanted one for ages and so ever since I got this beauty, I've been staring at it endlessly. So the equine color study below is obviously influenced by it.

Nautilus Stallion speedpaint/study dealie )


Jul. 30th, 2009 10:00 pm
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So mostly nothing that interesting as the heat has literally driven me outside and my workspace has been almost completely unbearable to be in for long. Practicing equines and learning a lot along the way about how I cement my technical knowledge. I see the flaws in most of the sketches already...but I did learn a lot doing these so that's what matters to me.

More art nouveau horns (this is an oldy and I honestly don't remember if I posted it already)
sketches, one HUGE one  )

That's all for tonight, thanks for taking a peek!

OH and also if anyone has any great websites that would be good horse resources (good photos, anatomy diagrams..anything like that) I'd love links ^__^! Thanks a lot!
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As promised, more sketches, jumbled mix of new and old..just whatever I came across in my various folders [:

Artlan wuffie :3
Jumble of sketchies,not all cutesie, and some nsfw due to mild tasteful nudity. )

Wow..bounced all around the board with this post! Thankkkk you all so much for all the WONDERFUL and encouraging comments left on my last 2 entries. I hope you all know that even if I don't reply to each and every comment, each and every one means a great deal to me!!
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Still going through all my various folders sniffing out sketches done in oc. So have a speedpaint done sometime last week when the hot was causing my computer to have a heatstroke. Took somewhere around an hour..could be less..I kept running away from the computer to work and not die from the heat myself (workspace turns into an oven on really hot days). I had the idea stuck in my head for a while..though the painting turned out only partially as I envisioned the idea..wonky anatomy and all.

WIP process of a now old piece )
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I just realized I hardly ever post sketches I do in open canvas. Most of the sketches below were done in open canvas sessions with Bagheera, whom I have always felt a special connection with artistically. I tend to not draw in open canvas with many people as I always feel its a bit of a social thing moreso than just sitting and creating together(or at least I always feel a bit pressured by it..maybe irrationally so), but with Bagheera it's always been, as hokey as it sounds, a spiritual journey for me. So I will share a bit of the lighter moments with you. I draw an awful lot in open canvas, for practice and to vent frustration and most of these drawings are never seen by anyone.

But the ones below are some that just make me smile. I chose mostly cubby sketches for this post, but if folks are curious, I'll share some of the other oc sketches C:. I warn you there is much cornyness to if you are allergic, move on down the line xB!

Nostalgia of childhood (LOADS OF IT!) )

To my dear friend Bagheera, simply thank you for all that you give me with each new day. And thank you to all whom take the time to glance at my work and even leave a kind word or two. You continue to be appreciated.
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where I don't post in my livejournal for a few months at a time and then suddenly post a ton for a few days straight. I'm not sure why that is, though I have my secret ideas as to why.

But anyway, I know a few people expressed interest in seeing wip's of art..and I find it terribly interesting to see them from other artists myself. So I figured I'd post a few, with a mish mashing of other things that are in the works etc.


Wip art and then some other stuff )

Anyway, thank you for stopping by!
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Alrighty Washington folks, who all is planning on going to All Fur Fun at the end of May?? The con is happening in Spokane Washington, a city I rather enjoyed last year and with the con happening later, the weather should be nice and accomodating.

I am tentatively planning on being there since I really enjoy smaller cons and having the chance to chat more with folks in the dealers den and outside. I hope you can come!!

that aside, just chugging along with work, both art and family business. Sorry for the lack of updates, will hopefully post up some random arts soon c:.
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So in a few hours, I'm off to FC!

This year I have decided to do something different. If any of you have noticed, I very rarely offer commissions outside of conventions. There is a very good reason for this. I simply get so burned out and drained at con that I literally simply shut down artistically for anywhere from weeks to months at a time. I work very specifically and the con environment just doesn't allow for this and I end up feeling horrid the whole con and afterwards as well. Needless to say this is really counter productive and even my take home art ends up taking longer which makes me feel even more dreadful.

SO this con I will NOT be offering sketchbooks at my table (this isn't absolutely set in stone, there will be exceptions, ie if your idea really grabs at me or you want me to draw something fun like art nouveau stuffage x) ). Overall, I know this means I will suffer grossly in sales, but I can't continue this destructive cycle any longer. What I will take commissions for is likely a small number of pencil badges, and will take a very limited number of take home commissions for realism badges. I am very sorry to have to do this but I hope to start offering commissions outside of conventions and actually start enjoying conventions instead of dreading and stressing as each one nears! If I don't do this, I think my conventioning days would be coming to a close. Thank you in advance for being understanding!

I will be in the dealers room sitting with [ profile] wicked_sairah and [ profile] bagheera and will have the following at my table:

1. Wildcats of the World Decks
2. Pathfinder decks with bonus cd and tasseled bookmark
3. remaining 'Art of Balaa: Canines Vol.1'. After these no more will ever be made or offered.
4. tasseled bookmarks
5. very limited supply of 'The 2009 Werewolf Calendar'
6. Binder full of original sketches priced to go!
7. a good number of prematted prints ready to frame
8. B&W and Color prints
9. Limited quantity of greeting cards featuring 'in The Clover Patch'
10. Clearance: Prints going out of circulation.

And for the artshow I will have the following LOTSA Art show art, one NSFW )

To everyone that is going, may your travels to the con be safe and without ill event. I will see you all there!! Please do come say hi, if I am quiet..I am just spacing or tired so please just give me an extra poke and I will likely snap out of it ^_^;.
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[ profile] maior and [ profile] azianwolfdoll are generously running a Holiday raffle in which the prizes will be paid LJ subscriptions. There are no catches and you don't have to pay to enter! They are just doing this in the spirit of the holidays! How absolutely wonderful {:. Its so refreshing to see people doing things like this.

For more info please take a moment and visit Azian's LJ:
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Haven't done much in the way of gift art in a while and there are so many people I want to draw something for. [ profile] likeshine has always been so nice to me at cons and lately she has been in my thoughts. Plus I sorta had a commission arranged for her that ended up falling through for various reasons and ever since then I wanted to do a little something to make it up to her.

...Sunder for Likeshine... )
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Nupe! But returning a bit to my 'normal' subject. Creative overdrive? yes but not complaining at all after months of feeling stuck and feeling like Ive been spinning my wheels.

Lynx Speedpaint and 'Himalaya Snow' painting )

To everyone that stops and everyone that takes a moment to leave a comment. THANK YOU! You guys keep me moving! I should add too that it reminds me I should try to comment more often on the art that others take such care to post here.
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Started as a speedpainting, but just had too much fun to stop. Posted to DA, but for those that rather follow art in a more personal environment, I'm posting it here too.

.....Erthestral..... )


Dec. 12th, 2008 10:00 am
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So I AM planning to hit up FC. I've missed it 2 years running and I miss the con, all the people that attend it and the fact is the family business has been suffering since the economy tumbled so any extra money will certainly help.

Anyway, the thing is I have a lot of stuff to haul so flying with it all will be a bit of an ordeal and my car doesn't handle possible snow and ice well (through the passes entering California) and is a bit of a gas guzzler. So it won't be cost effective for me to drive down alone and flying will be interesting with all the things I need to tote.

Is anyone in WA bound for FC and either willing to harbor another passenger or take my stuff down with them? Driving..Im happy to share my cost and hauling I'm happy to help with cost of the extra weight if needed.

Thanks in advance, all comments are screened C:.


Dec. 11th, 2008 02:22 pm
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I just got a lovely xmas card and what looks like some heavenly chocolate from Norway courtesy of the ever sweet and sneaky [ profile] felix_carni and I just wanted to thank you out loud!

I don't know whether to break into this fabled chocolate or covet it a while before daring to eat it. Omnom unexpected omnOMs!!!

*feels loved*
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Folks seemed to like 'Seed' and frankly I rather wanted to explore the idea more myself.

Seed 2  )
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