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I promised a while back to tend to the homestead so my mum could escape for a little vacation. The task entails tending to 16 English mastiffs, aka very big dogs. On top of the oozy ladelfuls of drool, it's also been pouring all weekend and Ive spent all day, everyday, running back and forth tending to the pack. My helper, for lack of a better word, also managed to leave the back door (and inner gate) open when two of our alpha dogs were outside and one young male was inside and got out. The older alpha male is very territorial..and by only a stroke of luck (after having just sat down for a 5 minute break to have a cup of joe), I heard the telltale sounds of a fight outside...thank goodness I had my window open otherwise I wouldn't have even heard.

I tend to take for granted how big and powerful these dogs are because I grew up with big dogs (these three are right around 200lbs each).. But you quickly realize their massive strength when you are trying to pull apart a brutal dog fight. For the most part the damage was minimal, despite all the teeth snapping, thrashing and noise they made, but the young inexperienced male walked away with some pretty nasty gashes to his ears..which I managed to patch up (and spending the weekend now cleaning and disinfecting the wounds every few hours..and also put him on antibiotics just in case).

I don't envy my mom's choice of lifestyle. It is a brutal amount of work to balance taking care of all these dogs and giving them the individual attention they need (and it isn't even her day job, as it were!). I'm happy to help give her a break..but goodness, I'll be happy when she is back!

So in anycase, to take my mind off all the crazyness at the homestead, and because I can't get anything substantial done between my duty jaunts, I just figured I'd post some random stuff.

Ive been seeing some friends getting new computers fairly recently and some have posted pics of their new beasties. I also decided to build a new computer, finally, as a christmas gift to myself. My old machine was 4 years old and photoshop was just a giant ball of lag so it was as much a necessity as it was a desire for a new toy. Well I was fairly picky about choosing a case and if I had my way I would just design my own. But I finally found one I absolutely fell in love with for it's clean lines and elegant simplicity. So below I bombard you with pics of my new beastie. Thank you to [ profile] bagheera for helping bring her to life..

Actually stole the name off a character of mine, but eh I like naming my and it fit the computer *nerd* :B
The case: (I was a bit disappointed that the images all showed a brushed aluminum look but the case is a lot more glossy. It grew on me but I wish companies wouldn't misrepresent their products.

I know...Im gushing and I oughtn't! And also Tsu-tey's banshee from Avatar warrants a glee of it's own!

And also art meme, cross-posted from FA:

That is all! Phew, that helped my sanity a bit I think!
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