Oct. 1st, 2009

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A good friend, [livejournal.com profile] wicked_sairah, is trying to raise funds for an emergency surgery to save her kitty Todd. This was certainly, as with all animal emergencies, completely out of the blue and she is left between a rock and a hard place. She has, very reluctantly, taken up accepting donations to help her cover the cost of the surgery. If you can spare even the smallest amount her paypal address is: Wicked_creatures@yahoo.com

More info in her journal here: http://wicked-sairah.livejournal.com/367241.html

and copy and pasted from said journal:
"I got a quote from the surgeon.

I need $3,500 by tomorrow for Todd to have emergency surgery to correct the Intussusception in his intestines. We have a couple hundred in our account right now and we won't have any money to spare until close to the end of the month. If I borrow the total from someone who is willing to help, I will pay you back monthly until it is paid in full. We can write a contract if need be.

If you can help by simply donating, please do so.. Todd and I would be very grateful.

Paypal: Wicked_creatures@yahoo.com

I am unable to take on a bunch of commissions right now for this, but if that is what you want, we can talk about it.

Thank you"

Thanks in advance to anyone that takes a moment to read and spare a little. I think most anyone that has had a fluffy, scaley, or feathery companion can identify with this situation all too well. I know I sure can..and it always seems to happen when you are flat broke!


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