Sep. 16th, 2009

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Firstly just a heads up to anyone that held off ordering the Pinup Portfolio, online sales of the Pin-Up Portfolio will be ending Sunday, September 20th. After that there will likely be a limited number of the folios floating around at conventions, but as each artist was limited to a set number of folio's they could purchase, there probably won't be too many out there. So just giving ya all a headsup in case you missed your chance previously.

ANYWAY, that aside, I'm heading to Rainmurrfest (Rainfurrest) tomorrow and will be dealing there all weekend. I am most likely not taking any commissions at the con unless your idea particularly gets my gears turning {:..but I will have some originals at my table, bunches of lovely matted prints, Endangered Ark decks, Pathfinder decks and bonus goodies,and one more copy of the wildcat card deck. Also other stuff...including some freeeeebies. So if you are gonna be there, stop by and say hi, always a pleasure to meet new people and chat ^_^. I plan to make this a super ultra laid back con and not full of stress and crazy.

ALSOOO on a raaandom tangent, been wondering what YOU folks would like to see me draw more of. More speedpaints? A certain animal? A certain style of art?? Anything is game. I'd like to start trying more and more new stuff.

And just so this entry isn't completely devoid of art. This was done between two computer crashes..I don't know where it came from but I had to get it out of my system:

by *balaa on deviantART

***EDIT:...had the date of the pinup folios closing messed up x)


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